How to Beat Casinos: Winning Tips for European Roulette

Winning Tips for European Roulette

Almost every player wants to beat European Roulette and we will outline the basics here. For those who wish for a longer and more thorough version, you can visit this page about beating roulette. Casino players have different preferences as to the games that they like to play most. Some people love poker, others are addicted to slots while others just can’t resist the pull of roulette. No matter what kind of casino game you are hooked on, there is one basic fact that you need to accept –casinos will always have an edge. Even in the old times, casinos have what we call the house advantage. This means that casinos are a step ahead of you and they have the upper hand in any game. Of course, skill counts in many cases but it cannot be denied that casinos have an unfair advantage. Despite this fact, there are still a lot of people who are hooked on casino game, more specially European roulette. This game on wheels is among the most addictive. Many love this and just can’t get enough. But, if you are planning to place a bet on these wheels, you better know some of the basic facts about this game and how winning is possible.

Winning Tips for European Roulette

European Roulette Tips for Beginners

For people who are not too familiar with how roulette works, the process can be overwhelming. In a game of roulette, namely, European roulette, there are 36 slots and one slot has a single zero. Meanwhile, America roulette has 36 slots, a single zero and a double zero slot. See an awesome page for european roulette tips and strategies. Of the two, more players prefer European roulette since the winning odds are higher. Odds refer to the chance that a certain number will win. In roulette, the ideal odds can be computed by dividing the slot with a zero over the number of slots. Although this number is accurate in theory, the real odds can be higher or lower depending on the circumstances. Many people dish out the advice that European roulette is the better option because they are only looking at the winning odds. But, for someone who is confident about telling where the ball will land, the type of roulette that is currently in play will not cause any issue.  Another good tip for any newbie is to treat progression strategies the way they should be treated –with caution. Keep in mind that a progression strategy does not make your winning odds better. It is all about how you should be placing a bet to maximize earnings and/or recoup loses.

Why Progression Are Not For Aspiring Roulette Experts

One of the winning tips for roulette that we love to repeat again and again is that progression strategies are no good. They can be used with a system that accounts for physics and other similar factor to determine which sector will win. But, when used all by themselves, progression strategies are a waste of time. They could help you win or they may seem to but your odds of winning do not increase or decrease. With these strategies, the only thing that you are doing is managing your bankroll.  These progression systems became popular when Martingale and Labouchere became important names in the game of roulette. The systems they founded seem to be working so much that it has been used by many people. But, after several independent tests, the outcome of roulette does not depend on rely on what the last color was.  The same is true for systems that assume that a certain color or number is bound to come out next. These assumptions are too far from the truth and anyone wishing to beat a casino in a game of roulette should be more prepared.

How to Beat Casinos

European Roulette Tips for Every Roulette Player

Learning to beat a game, any game in a casino, is a feat that will take years or months to happen. The most tedious process in betting on roulette is in placing your money on the right slot.  For anyone who is interested in being a great player, it is vital to lock up all the needed details.  Among the best tips for playing roulette is to get to know the wheel.  Since the game of roulette depends on when the ball will stop on the wheel, it pays to know how a wheel works. Aside from that, you also need to get to know the parts of the wheel.  There are many things that you will know by just paying attention to the wheel, how it spins, if it is tilting in a particular direction and the like.  All of these things can be considered so you will have something to work on. When all the data is available, you can make a system based on systems that are known to work and are based on science.  Physics has a hand on how the wheel will be behaving. This could, in turn, help in showing you where you can place your bet. In this process, a roulette computer can be used. But, if you are planning to stay longer at the casino, you need to make sure that you are not identified as someone who uses one as you can be banned and casinos have a wide network.

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