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A no deposit bonus is the most prevalent promotional method practiced by many online casinos to get players to open a new account with them. The casino places a certain amount of money in the player’s newly opened account so the new people can play games. The most lucrative feature of this casino promotion is that player doesn’t need to put any money of their own.

There are mainly two types of no deposit bonuses offered to a new player; one that is cashable and the other is non-cashable. Both are quite similar but with a bit of difference. With a cashable bonus, a player gets his or her bonus along with their winnings at the time of withdrawal whereas with a non-cashable bonus, a player can use the bonus for playing the games only. An example is free spins with the Starburst Slot game. In order to withdraw winnings, a player must be able to meet a certain wagering requirement, which could even differ from game to game.

Since the advent of online casinos in late 90’s, no deposit bonuses have been regularly offered by casinos to charm players and today they have become one of the most critical features for players to select a casino. No deposit bonus is a very powerful method used by casinos to turn guests into permanent family member.

But the question arises, is a no deposit bonus Free Money? To answer this we have really collected our facts from many online casino review sites and the one site that really shows up with answers is Casino Bonus Tips. Yes, indeed No deposit bonus is free money.

The casino is giving you bundles of money, on the house so that you can really understand and get used to some of the most sophisticated games that they offer. This surely attracts a majority of people as they don’t need to do anything to let their account rolling.  It holds valid not only for casino games, but for sportsbooks too.  All you need to do is to meet the minimum wagering requirements to get your hand on your winnings and that’s quite fair.

With the passage of time no deposit bonuses are getting bit outdated because of the abuse involved.  Let’s face it, there was a time when no deposit bonus was enough to pull people towards the casino, but now the rules have changed.  The latest arrival of bonus hunters is getting more noticed than ever and more and more online casinos are experimenting with promotions other than no deposit bonus.

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