Golden Sevens: A Very Popular Online Slot Game at Bell Fruit Casino

Golden Sevens


I think that the most known problem in this time is: how to make money easy. There are many answers to this question and today I’ll talk about my answer. I don’t say that this answer is for everyone, but for me it worked. The answer is: play casino online. I know, you maybe know many people who lost a lot of money on casino games or something like this, but they don’t play properly. First of all, let’s talk about where you need to start. I play online casinos on bellfruitcasino, because I found them as the most serious. They have a many bonuses and I didn’t had any problem with the payments or any other issue. So, we decided where you can start but we need to discuss about a good game where you can make your first money. I played a lot of good games on bellfruitcasino, but my favourite is Golden Sevens.

Golden Sevens

Golden Sevens

I am an old casino games player and I played every game that I found. Lately, I used to play a single game and that is: Golden Sevens. Why? Maybe, because is a combination between new and old. I mean, that this game is based on the rules of many other games (3 lines with 5 columns, bet per line and many others similarities) and has modern graphics (bright colors, well-designed fruits, etc.). So, I this game is for me. Now, I think that you need to know my secret in playing online games: be moderate. On short, don’t bet your money if you need them, and when you win an average amount STOP, don’t play anymore in that day.


So, if you don’t like Golden Sevens, choose another game and start play it for free, until you get handle with it. Then, start play on money and keep in mind that if you want to win you’ll need to be moderate.

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