Get to Know Gambling Superstitions at The Casino

Casino Facts and Superstitions

Casino Facts and Superstitions

There are plenty of different facts and superstitions around gambling and the experienced players should not trust them as the scientists have proven long time ago that one isn’t able to effect somehow on his winnings in roulette, slots or poker, that is absolutely impossible. However, players keep believing those superstitions and facts and spread them around new players.

By the way, even poker players have some omens and superstitions despite the fact that poker (not to be confused with video poker) is a game of skill. If you are not aware of this game, we recommend you to study basic rules of poker for beginners.

Beginner’s Luck

This superstition is artificial as it was invented by rounders of Middle Ages. Their trick was as simple as one could imagine – let the newbie win some to awake the gambling spirit to crush and take the shirt off him back in the game later. Naturally, modern land based and online casinos don’t have these tricksters as there is a security service but don’t rely on this rule while visiting the gambling facility for the first time. If you’re a newbie, don’t believe that after making your first substantial bet you’ll 100% get lucky. Those stories are good for pulp fiction and they turn to be otherwise in real life.

Casino Facts and Superstitions

Unapproved Gambling Thrive

There are plenty of sayings and proverbs that wisely emphasize the need to stop at the right time. Any casino works in such a way that it awakes gambling spirit, which is no laughing matter so it is very hard to stop in time. Thus leads to the facts that players completely forget all the casino laws and get additional points to the combination what would win had they played otherwise or do other stupid moves.

Up Streaks and Down Streaks

The luck does not exist in pure form, there are only lucky coincidences the experienced players are able to use to reach their desired goals. Don’t think that lacking the proper experience and knowledge players will always get lucky. Usually one might hear a lot of losing streaks from the most often casino and online casino “guests”.

Race for the First Million

Before beginning their first million race in gambling facilities, players must clearly realize that winning big in a casino is possible only at a high cost to achieve this. Many players rely on the blind luck, as they believe one is able to just come to the gambling facility to play some slot and hit a huge jackpot. It isn’t like that on practice as to win big one has to be ready to lose big.

Don’t Play on Your Last Money

There is a common myth that many players make bet on their last dollar and win everything they’ve lost back and leave the casino with certain profit. This is not like that at all! Usually playing on the last money is a desperate move of beginners and addicted gamblers as real gambler won’t lose above the amount he got for play in a certain day as he realizes that his last dollar won’t be able to bring him all the money he lost back.

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