7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Indian Rummy

7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is the most popular card game not only in the Indian Subcontinent but also around the world. People love to play Rummy in social gatherings and parties. Rummy is thought to be a game of skill rather than pure luck. A bad set of cards can be declared as a winning hand if the player uses his wit and remain patient through the game. However, there are a few mistakes that most of the Rummy players make unknowingly. Check them out and be sure to never repeat them when you’re playing Rummy next time with your family and friends.

7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Indian Rummy

Forget to Form Pure Sequence

Most of the people while in a hurry to declare their hand forgets to make a pure sequence. A pure is necessary to be made in order to declare a valid hand otherwise the hand is considered as invalid and the player loses. So the very first thing in Rummy is to make a pure sequence as soon as the cards are dealt.

Not Concentrating on Your Opponents

As Rummy is a game of skill, players can anticipate the moves of their opponents by keeping an eye on which cards they draw and discard. Following their moves will give you a hint to what combinations they’re looking for and how well can you use this information to tweak your combinations such that even if you lose, you don’t lose by a very big margin.

Not Discarding High Point Cards

In Rummy, if you lose a large number of points, you lose a huge amount of money as well. It is always advisable to discard all the high valued cards as soon as possible from your hand until unless they’re making a sequence or a set. Keeping high point cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack will lead you to lose more points if your opponent happens to declare before you.


New players often get confused while sorting out their cards. They tend to discard good cards in haste. They take extra time in arranging sets and sequences and often lose their turn while playing online Rummy. A good strategy to overcome this is to arrange your cards in a suit-wise manner and then arrange them in sets and sequences.

Inefficient Use of Joker

Joker is used as a wild card in Rummy. The new players do not understand the importance of this card and sometimes discard their most precious joker cards which could have helped them in making sets and sequences. Keep your eyes open when drawing and discarding a card for it may help you in winning the game. One or more jokers help you in winding up the game as soon as possible.


In online Rummy tables, there are real-time chat options available to the players to interact and socialize with their opponents. Sometimes these chats may play havoc with the player’s performance and he loses the game as a result of his weak concentration. Hence, there’s no harm in socializing with others as long as you don’t lose your focus in the game.

Game Dropout

The beginners of this game, play all the hands out of excitement. They don’t understand the fact that they will end up losing the game if they have the bad cards or worse if they do not possess even a single joker. Hence, it is always wise and recommended to drop out of the game if you feel that making a winning hand would be a difficult task for you. It is always better than losing a large number of points.

We hope the new as well as the veteran players, will try to avoid such mistakes in the future. Rummy is a game of pure skill and wits, if you don’t use them you will probably end up losing the game.

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